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A total solution for enterprise IT system security control, monitoring and auditing. The Fortress system centralizes the management of networking devices, monitors and controls operation processes of operators, protects enterprise IT system security and avoids human errors.
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Procurement Collaboration

Procurement Collaboration Template 3.0
RFQ and PO Collaboration
Supplier Management
Negotiation and Visibility
Vender Managed Inventory

Procurement Collaboration Template 3.0 allows business users to easily configure applications to exploit the unique requirements of their extended procurement networks. The application manages RFQ and PO process flows, monitors delivery fulfillment in real-time, and proactively reacts to events which effect the timely receipt of goods across a multi-tier supply network . It also manages entire supplier network as well as their performance. The application controls the entire collaborative procurement process from defining and managing policies to planning and analysis through to executing against policies.

The template offers a comprehensive environment for maintaining user defined purchasing and allocation policies, including lead-times and sourcing rules. Analyzes projected procurement levels, generates
appropriate alerts, facilitates the resolution of those alerts, and allows buyers and sellers to negotiate then commit to agreed upon orders. The template is configured using the customer unique procurement policies including time, event and hierarchical based shortage alerting, split sourcing rules as well as supplier quality and delivery performance. Procurement Collaboration Template maintains a comprehensive supplier network information, collect and accumulate transaction data, generate real time alert or KPI report for performance management. It enables Buyers and Sellers to work together towards agreement on quantities, price, and delivery dates. This results in real time exchange of critical fulfillment information and assured supply that allows the users to deal with exceptions and focus on supply optimization, supplier relationships and rapid re-alignment for variations in market demand.

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