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A total solution for enterprise IT system security control, monitoring and auditing. The Fortress system centralizes the management of networking devices, monitors and controls operation processes of operators, protects enterprise IT system security and avoids human errors.
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Channel Collaboration

Channel Collaboration&Distribution
Template 3.0
Sales&return process for channel&customer
Channel inventory collaboration and management
Channel management policy and strategy
Maintenance service and value-added service

Channel collaboration&distribution Template 3.0 allows business users to easily configure applications to optimize your workflow of sales and distribution collaborated with well-managed channel partners, and
integrate it into entire enterprise supply chain process. The application maintains customers and channel partners data upon a integrated business data model, manages the business rules across entire distribution channel, and supports all kinds of distribution activities
including application, approval, pricing, fulfillment, shipment, return and statement/invoice.

The template offers a comprehensive environment for maintaining optimal inventory levels and smooth business process at all channel locations according to user-definable business rules. It provides a integrated business model toreflect the cascading inventories and
related demand flows through these channels, and meet the "pull¡± of demand from their end customers via supporting various activities from agreement negotiation, sell-in&sell-through, shipment/drop shipment and material return, to pricing&discount, bill-ups flow, channel assembling and inventory re-balancing. Moreover, the ¡°push¡± logistic flow will be implemented well by the advance component of collaboration demand planning and replenishing, which forecasts the market demand founded on the actual sales data and suggests the appropriate replenishment order for channel partner¡¯s review.AGKTech¡¯s Channel collaboration&distribution Template 3.0 enables manufacturers,distributor, reseller and end customers to work together to minimize distribution
operation cost and channel inventory. This results in an uninterrupted value chain with the most efficient levels of supply of goods to customers and benefit both manufacturer and channel partners.

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