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Distributive Order Processing

Distribution Order Processing3.0
Personalized Order Fulfillment
Available to Promise/Reservation
Visibility, Analysis, Prioritization
Forward and reverse order supporting
Monitor Delivery Performance

Distribution Order Processing Template 3.0 allows business users to easily configure applications to exploit the unique requirements of their distributed order fulfillment networks. The application enables the entire organization and customers to have personalized visibility intoavailable inventory and capacity across the entire supply network. It manages
the collaborative order to receipt process flow, defining the commitment policies and priorities, collecting updated plans, executing optimized order commitments, and monitoring the delivery fulfillment in real-time. Also, it supports the reverse order capturing and tracking workflow.

The template offers a comprehensive environment for the fast deployment of Web Based Order Fulfillment applications. This starts with personalized order capture screens that are configured to the unique needs of your customers (internal or external£¬forward and reverse) limiting visibility to the secured information that you are willing to share. AGKTech¡¯s built in open connectivity tools and process automation, allow for the orders to be pulled from virtually any method
including other systems, EDI, XML, email, or even PDA¡¯s. Upon receipt of the orders, the fulfillment follows the processes that are defined by customer requirements and applies these policies combined with Supply Chain inventory and capacities in committing to accurate delivery promises. Furthermore, all kinds of reverse logistic order could be supported in this template. AGKTech¡¯s Distribution Order Processing is the only solution that combines configurable order
fulfillment modeling, planning and integration on open Web based architecture. This results in scalable, low cost deployments of highly reactive solutions that maximize returns and while improving customer service.



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