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Fortress Suite    
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A total solution for enterprise IT system security control, monitoring and auditing. The Fortress system centralizes the management of networking devices, monitors and controls operation processes of operators, protects enterprise IT system security and avoids human errors.
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How mission-critical applications go to work quickly?

The fundamental mission of business application is to drive value and efficiency for the business operations it supports. The key to bring more value is implementing the mature application which is fruitful with business function, while keep the flexibility by divide it into clear-cut model.

AGK Technologies builds a series of application templates to access, manage, protect, excute,analyze and improve specified business
process and business function the extended enterprise from anywhere in the world.

Based on our E2AP architecture, our application templates
understand and meet your specific business needs by identifying
the best technology solution to support your business and making
the most of your current investments. Deliver faster, more comprehensive and consistent services, increase revenue opportunities, lower the cost of ownership and reduce the risk of unnecessary IT expenditures.

Following diagram show our value position in the software and application industry:

Value Position:


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