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¡¡E2AP Platform
  Conceptual Architecture


AGK Technologies's end2end Visibility Template allows enterprises to synchronize and monitor the performance of distributed business partners across the entire inbound and outbound supply networks. The solution provides the ability to define the specific data elements that are required to monitor any given point within the network.




E2AP - Express Enterprise Application Platform

The fastest and featured Application Platform on the market

The development in IT has promoted the emergence of enterprise management application and its wide use, and has led a revolution in enterprise management modes, also transformed the enterprise operation from traditional management way that is oriented at functional departments to an all-sided business process management mode that is oriented at process. The core team of AGK was engaged in R&D and sales of enterprise management software about 20 years ago, and has formed up gradually a Platform for enterprise management and synergism that is complete in function, advanced in technology and up-front in configuration¡ª E2AP (Express Enterprise Application Platform).

E2AP is AGK Technologies's advanced application design, developement and implementation platform that delivers high productivity, high flexibility in the application process, while ensuring integrity and stability. As a high-performance platform database for large,mission-critical applications, it is specifically designed to support thousands of users in parallel while giving sub-second response times.

¡° Fast Modeling and implement rapidly¡± is the core designing concept for E2AP Platform of AGK Technologies,and that¡¯s why in the implementation of the product in customer environment, one can realize business process and functions by system configuration but not code programming, thus the implementation of AGK Technologies product is very flexible and rapid. Its application templates can be rapidly re-configured and re-deployed,so as to reflect the change in business demand of customers. This will greatly reduce the overall ownership cost for software solution of customers.

E2AP's rapid-implentation capability in combination with its legendary reliability and low cost of ownership makes it the business middleware of choice for your mission-critical business applications.

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Innovation Realized!
Leveraging the power of E2AP platform of AGK Technologies, we modeled and constructed our Problem Ticketing Application within a dramatically short period, while remain the great flexibility and expandability.
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