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  Conceptual Architecture


AGK Technologies's end2end Visibility Template allows enterprises to synchronize and monitor the performance of distributed business partners across the entire inbound and outbound supply networks. The solution provides the ability to define the specific data elements that are required to monitor any given point within the network.





Make the process of application implementation easier

The rapid enterprise application Platform E2SP provides perfect enterprise application customization function. A user can simply configure various elements in the application and realize the new business demand generated on the overall business of the enterprise in conjunction with various existing application systems. The Platform provides an application-configuring capability without programming, from relational data model at bottom level to business object model at up level, from graph interface at front end tobusiness rule and logic at background, from the definition of role/user to the configuration of business alert, from the customization of complex algorithm to the generation of business report, all of these enterprise application components can be configured simply by the configuration tool provided by the Platform, so that the realization and expansion of enterprise management application becomes simpler and easier. In the Platform it has rich built-in enterprise business management application templates,e.g. supply chain management application and enterprise business synergy application, etc.

The rapid enterprise application platform E2AP has set up an architecture of SOA (service-oriented architecture) compliant with current technical developing trends,it has an independent SOA-based system service management level, which uniforms the built-in system service or customization system service of the Platform, meanwhile,it provides message transmission and call mechanism between services. The Platform also has such engines as business process modeling, defining, configuring, executing and monitoring based on BPML (Business Process Management Language), an enterprise user can easily carry out graphic definition for the customized process on the Platform, and configure the process execution depending on the enterprise application. Additionally,the Platform provides professional application and data integration framework, employs XML-based universal business object as the data bus inside the system, and provides powerful application and data integration capability by using AGENT FRAMEWORK and SERVICE FRAMEWORK, supports several interface modes, allowing integration with other systems in several ways, so that it is very simple to integrate with other systems.

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Innovation Realized!
Leveraging the power of E2AP platform of AGK Technologies, we modeled and constructed our Problem Ticketing Application within a dramatically short period, while remain the great flexibility and expandability.
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