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1You would like to set up a EDI system with your biggest suppliers or customers?

1You extract or import XML Data from various Sources?

1You clean-up data from a former line-of-business application in order to migrate to a new one?

1You look to establish a realtime link between your ERP software and a CRM, a HR or eBusiness application?

EAIExpress makes data-management within your company easier than ever!


AGK Technologies's end2end Visibility Template allows enterprises to synchronize and monitor the performance of distributed business partners across the entire inbound and outbound supply networks. The solution provides the ability to define the specific data elements that are required to monitor any given point within the network.




EAIExpress - Express Process Implementation

Get you data-sources to communicate smoothly

AGK EAIExpress is designed to provide seamless data communication throughout your company. It helps you develop interfaces without worrying about the physical format of your data; letting you concentrate on making those data links that will help your business become more efficient.

1Easy graphical user-interface
Project manager (with interface versioning)
Debugger with trace, breakpoints¡­
Conditional launching of interfaces or Batch or Executable files
Manual entry of SQL commands possible
Transactions handling (Commit, Rollback); even for text and XML files
Powerful development language (with advanced condition handling, Smart typecasting, Advanced formula parser with more than 50 functions allowing handling of ASCII, numerical, date fields and variables for complex data transformations)
Production Engine separate from the development environment to maintain data integrity
Scheduler for launching interfaces at a precise time or interval
Quick and easy field mapping for Flat Files, Delimited Text Files and XML
Uniform data access as a SQL relational database. Yes, you can make SQL queries on your flat or XML files! Transparent reception or emission of data files by Email, FTP, etc.


¡¡Partmer Quote  
Innovation Realized!
Leveraging the power of E2AP platform of AGK Technologies, we modeled and constructed our Problem Ticketing Application within a dramatically short period, while remain the great flexibility and expandability.
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