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A total solution for enterprise IT system security control, monitoring and auditing. The Fortress system centralizes the management of networking devices, monitors and controls operation processes of operators, protects enterprise IT system security and avoids human errors.
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End2End Visibility

end2end Visibility Solution Flow and Features:


The above diagram depicts a simplified network model for overall visibility using AGKTech¡¯s end2end Visibility Template. The data elements being modeled can vary from point to point and are defined according to the business process model associated with each
node. Higher level aggregations and dis-aggregations


Define the Visibility Business Processes

Visibility and exception monitoring at each point in the network will be dictated by availability data. The monitored KPI exceptions and business visibility views are defined.

The end2end processes can quickly be updated or modified using reusable components and services



Update Visibility Data from all points in the Network

As new information is made available the AGKTech END2END solution will immediately collect the information and publish it for visibility and process execution. .

Verify and transform the data as necessary in order to maintain consistency and accuracy
Trigger agents and events notifications in real time as defined by the END2END process definition



Compute Projected Inventory Monitors

The projected supply, demand, and distribution inventory positions are computed in a real time basis on all data elements that are collected for all points of information within the Network. The aggregations and dependent data are also computed and made available to users based on their access to information.
can also provide visibility at multiple levels through simple drill down or drill up methods. Information from relationships and processes between various tiers of suppliers is also available through adhoc queries and reports.



end2end Visibility Solution Flow and Features

Alert notifications are automatically generated and published when inventory is predicted to fall outside of the targets, or if there are potential order or shipment problems with the existing new data.
The exceptions may be picked up by business users who can then drill down to view the details and analyze the conditions that triggered the problems.



Performance Monitoring and Reporting

All of the collected and computed data is maintained in a relational database. Historical data is also maintained and archived according to its value to the enterprise.
Business Intelligence reports and scorecards can then be defined to track important KPI¡¯s and business partner performance





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