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A total solution for enterprise IT system security control, monitoring and auditing. The Fortress system centralizes the management of networking devices, monitors and controls operation processes of operators, protects enterprise IT system security and avoids human errors.
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End2End Visibility

End2end Visibility Template3.0
nTier Supply Chain Visibility
Business Process User Configuration
Rapid Partner On-Boarding
Hierarchical Alerting and Event Management

IEnterprises are continuously moving to more decentralized business models and outsourcing an ever-increasing amount of manufacturing to global business. These relationships span from new product design, custom and standard components to contract manufacturing and product distribution. Transferring these activities beyond the traditional enterprise
increases the challenges associated with monitoring critical processes, visibility to the business activities or monitoring performance that effect operational costs and customer performance.

AGKTech Solutions end2end Visibility Template allows enterprises to synchronize and monitor the performance of distributed business partners across the entire inbound and outbound supply networks. The solution provides the ability to define the specific data elements that are required to monitor any given point within the network and quickly deploy the corresponding key performance indicators and exception conditions
(SCEM) to proactively notify participants in real-time to react to problems. The AGKTech Rapid Partner On-boarding Program ensures that visibility is extended quickly beyond the enterprise and leverages both existing connectivity infrastructure and AGKTech¡¯s Agent Framework. The end2end Visibility Template is highly configurable using AGKTech¡¯s Business Process Modeling Studio (SWIFT) to rapidly define new
business processes as business requirements evolve.

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