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Application Impelementation and Management Service

In recent years, we are seeing a rational, evolutionary market shift towards Software as a Service (SaaS)-a shift driven by customer demand and Industry Leader. Why is the demand of Software-as-a-Service on the rise? A major factor is the shift in the attitude of the companies consuming software. The attitude in the late '90s was skepticism. Today the attitude is one of acceptance. Two primary drivers are responsible for this attitude change:

1) the elimination of the initial barriers to
Software-as-a-Service and
2) the business and economic challenges companies now face.

Today, improved On Demand delivery and management technology provides significant efficiencies for delivering Software-as-a-Service, making the margins more attractive for the providers. The real driving force for acceptance, is the increased focus of CIOs to deliver real value to the company. This means expending resources on projects mission critical to the company. For example, CIOs do not want
to spend time and resources installing and maintaining transactional applications that do not differentiate, or provide a competitive edge for, the company. They want these types of applications to provide the
functionality required to run the operation with the least amount of resources expended, and more and more Software-as-a-Service is the consumption model of choice.

As a pioneer in business application platform market, AGK Technologies deliver the adaptive, leading-edge application platform E2AP - Express Enterprise Application Platform - with the capability of implementing and integrating management application quickly and easily. It can provide the developer the toolsets and engines to build up complex application with extremely few coding effort. Follow a rational line,we release the Application Impelementation and Management Service based on our E2AP platform and related business application.Customer can choose to adopt our architecture in their business environment without product license fee,and get the continued application implementation, management and maintenance service with lower expence.

With our application service partners(Service Alliance), AGK Technologies help end user to build their enterprise application with more easy, flexible and inexpensive way. They can acquire the specified business function based on the attractive pay model - month by month service fee, or they can sign long term service contract with service provider.By this distributed service deliver network, we can provide efficient and customized application service in worldwide.



Analysis and Strategics for
Enterprise Data Center
Conduct strategics and plan of integration and application for setting up flexible enterprise data center system, which provide internal or external user a global visibility interface for business data.
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