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AGK Technologies launches complete Order-To-Activation Solution for Communications Service Providers

Solution combines the new Collaborative Work Order , other elements of the AGK Technologies E2AP, consulting services and partner products; Unifies the service ordering and activation process, delivering a superior customer experience

ST. LOUIS, MO. and CHICAGO, IL. (Supercomm) - April 4,2018 - AGK Technologies, the leading provider of software and services to enable integrated enterprise management, today announced the availability of the Order-to-Activation Solution.This comprehensive solution combines pre-integrated, modular products, including the new Collaborative Work Order template,with new consulting services and an extensive partner ecosystem, allowing communications service providers (CSPs) to streamline the disparate systems and manual processes that support all the steps required between the time a customer orders a new service, and the moment that service is available for use on the customer*s mobile device, at his or her business or home.

Level 8 Systems, Inc. Elects Charles Rogers, CEO of Pivalit Services, Inc. to the Board of Directors

AGK Technologies Inc. today announced that Charles Rogers has been elected to the company*s Board of Directors.

Toronto, ON - March 6,2018 - AGK Technologies Inc. today announced that Charles Rogers has been elected to the company*s Board of Directors. Mr. Porciello is the CEO of Pivalit Services, Inc. and brings over four decades of experience and leadership to AGK Technologies.

※I am delighted to be appointed to AGK Technologies8*s Board of Directors and look forward to helping management deliver the value proposition to key decision makers. I believe the ability to provide simple solutions to complex integration challenges lend itself to countless opportunities within the visibility and intelligence sectors.

Telus Communications Selects AGK Technologies For Procurement Managemen

AGK Technologies Procurement Visibility solution to enable complete procurement lifecycle management 每 from ordering to billing 每 to ensure a superior procurement experience

Toronto,ON 每 Jan 14,2018 每 Telus Communications Inc. announced that it has awarded a multi-million dollar, multi-year contract to AGK Technologies to support Project Lightspeed, AGK Technologies will provide the Telus companies with a range of products and services to ensure the best possible customer service, The Procurement Visibility solution is based on the AGK Technologies E2AP products, combined with AGK Technologies consulting and systems integration services. Telus companies will work with AGK Technologies to provide a consistent procurement integration experience at all touch points, including via the Web, where Self Service will help provide a safe and secure online environment to order or pay for services.

AGK Technologies expands in Asia Pacific

AGK Technologies Inc. today announced a direct market presence in Asia Pacific and the Great China through a alliance building action.

Toronto,ON 每 August 14, 2018 每 AGK Technologies Inc. today announced a direct market presence in Asia Pacific and the Great China through the alliance of Taiji Computer CO.,Ltd and five sister companies in Beijing. Taiji Computer CO.,Ltd has been a software distributor for over 15 years and has a well established reputation in delivering high performance transactional systems for large customers in banking, manufacturing, the oil and mining industries, and public
administration. This alliance is another step in the implementation of AGK Technologies*s growth strategy outside North America, following the opening of offices in Beijing.

AGK Technologies Inc. Joins CGI PartnerSelect Program

AGK Technologies's E2AP platform was selected by CGI PartnerSelect Program as the basic application framework for their Management Application Outsourcing business

Toronto, ON 每 Feb 8, 2018 -- AGK Technologies, Inc., announced today that it has become a member of CGI*s PartnerSelect program. The PartnerSelect program, according to CGI, is ※designed to help independent software vendors (ISVs) reach broader business opportunities, lower development costs and get their products to market faster with greater success§. AGK Technologies*s E2AP platform will support CGI*s application outsourcing business, delivering faster, lower cost integration of disparate, multi-platform legacy, client server, portal, Windows and Web Services applications and processes. CGI's PartnerSelect program is the industry*s leading sales and marketing source of innovative, cost effective business solutions.



﹛Partner Quote  
"We are both focused on express application implementation and easy integration, we can satisfy the customer quickly and continuedly."
Kaven Morris, Consulting Manager of CGI
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